Information technology is one of the most important investments a company will make.

You need to make your organization as efficient as possible to compete in today’s world. There are a myriad of possible products / solutions a business can implement that may or may not have the required result of improving productivity. Let us help you make the decision that will provide the Return on Investment that you seek. Our years of experience in many different technologies and types of businesses can help your company implement better solutions, faster and in many cases less expensively.

It all starts with your personal account manager.

Our Account Managers survey your business to determine what you need. They will provide the quote and they will do the work required to guarantee the success of the install. You will never have to worry about getting the salesman and the tech on the same page because they will be the same person.

Your Account Manager is the call you will make to access our services. Call their office phone / cell phone 24 X 7 to get experienced immediate response to your needs. If you’ve used a company that routes all calls through an operator who knows nothing about your IT infrastructure or your applications you know how much that process slows down the solving of the problem. In many cases the Account Manager can provide the solution needed over the phone and no other interaction is needed.

The Account Manager is not alone.

We have multiple consultants with different specialties that can help when a difficult problem requires attention. Computer Solutions has also developed relationships with experts from around the country to help when we need it. We don’t run from the tough ones – we solve them – GUARANTEED. If we have not solved the issue that we have billed you for we will refund any money you have paid until we get the problem fixed.