CS Erie | Computer Solutions will take care of your Small Business Website needs from Design and content planning to Implementation and Hosting.


Areas of Focus


Responsive Design – Keep your website looking Good no matter what device it is being viewed on. We will be sure to use elements of design that will keep the structure of your website tight and organized on Desktop, Tablet, and Phone.


SEO Optimization – Getting your site seen is the goal, knowing how to do that is the challenge. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will get your website seen not only by more people, but by more people that want to buy your products and services.


Hosting & Integration – Specializing in IT, we know how to host a website and even integrate with other back-end databases for broader content and function. Our seasoned Developers have extensive experience in SQL Integration and will be sure to have your site operating in the environment that is the best fit for you and your business.

Self Managed Site

Self Managed Site – Manage your own content, and keep costs down in the process. We provide you the tools and knowledge to maintain your site for yourself. It is your content and it should stay that way. Once your site is up and running we will give you access to the tools that will allow you to be the master of your Domain, your Web-domain that is…(Sorry a little Nerd humor.)