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Tips from the Technologist – Lesson 2- Perfect Screen Shots

Tips from the Technologist – Lesson 2- Perfect Screen Shots Posted by: admin How to use the Snipping Tool to get Perfect Screen Shots

As I look outside and see the weather turning to the colder, darker side of the year I think about what I could post to help all of you out during the upcoming cold weather months, during which we will inevitably be spending more time inside, and likely in front of our computers. If Anyone has ideas on what they would like to see us post please feel free to comment, email or message us on our FB page. ( )

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The following is the video Transcript:

“Hi everyone Erica here with more tips from the Technologist. Todays hot tip is how to easily get PERFECT screen shots in windows 7/8/ or 10. Don’t worry Mac users I have provided a link below for a similar utility on your OS.

There are so many reasons we need to take screen shots, to send to an image to your technologist to show what’s going on, to place in a document or presentation, to post something on social media, or to just make a copy of something. Whatever the reason, I am going to show you an Easy way to get the screen shot you need.

What you may not know is that starting in Windows vista your OS came with with a little gem called the Snipping Tool. I use it so often I have it pinned to my start menu.

To find the tool simply go to the start menu and start typing Snipping tool until it comes up, or type in the search bar in older versions of Windows.

Click the Snipping tool to open it and you will see a tool bar like this open up, on your desktop.

From this window you will be able to choose the type of selection you would like, For the purposes of this demonstrations we will work with the Rectangular snip tool.

Once you have selected your snipping tool you can click on New to activate the Snipping process.

At this point your curser will change to a selection tool allowing you to click and drag a box around the area you would like to snip or copy. Once you have released the mouse to finalize the selection an editing box will open showing your snip.Here you have the opportunity to make marks on the file with a pen or highlighter, erase parts of the snipped image, copy, email, or save it.

And that’s it. If you would like more information about this handy tool check out the link below to read more about using the Snipping tool in Windows.

For you mac users the closest utility we have found is the Grab Utility for Mac. If you would like information on how Grab works on the Apple platform, please look for a link below.

Thanks again for tuning in to Tips from the Technologist. Bye for now!”